I am so impressed with your work. You are one of my absolute go-to websites…thanks to your site and others we have such a clear idea of what is happening, next steps if necessary, etc. Can't thank you enough.

~Patient Power Community Member

Upcoming Clinical Trial MythBusters Webinar

Join us for a meeting of the minds on debunking myths around clinical trials. How are patients protected within a trial? Will I as a patient be lost in the clinical trial system? Can I select my own arm in a trial? The questions are endless and, left unanswered, contribute to the barriers to trial enrollment. Join us for a LIVE webinar on Wednesday, June 27 at Noon Pacific/3 pm Eastern to learn the answers to these important questions and more.

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Patient-Powered Recipes

In our Living Well videos, we often have our experts discuss the role of diet in cancer care, but we have never before included recipe submissions directly from our Patient Power Community Members/Ambassadors on what they are eating prior, during and after cancer treatment to feel good and stay energized. Introducing our new “Patient-Powered Recipes” series, where our audience aka YOU, share recipes that you enjoy and make you feel healthy, and we turn them into video clips. If you have a meal that makes you feel healthy or gives you energy to do the things you love, just submit your recipe and a photo of yourself to recipes@patientpower.info.

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Page last updated on June 18, 2018