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Patient Power was founded by two health communications pioneers, Andrew and Esther Schorr, who have been in the patient education field for over thirty-five years.  Patient Power is devoted to providing patients and care partners dealing with cancer and other serious and chronic conditions with timely, credible and detailed information that informs the quest for the right treatment at the right time, supporting the return to or maintenance of good health.  Patient Power is a “virtual” company and has team members around the world.  

Andrew and Esther live the cancer journey together. In 1996, during a routine blood test, Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia (CLL). After reaching out to other patients and connecting with doctors who specialize in his illness, he participated in a clinical trial, received "tomorrow's medicine today" and now, after one round of retreatment with an even newer medication, his CLL is quiescent.

Like all too many cancer patients, Andrew developed a second cancer, myelofibrosis, in 2011. But after seeking out the most recent medicines and advice, he continues to live a full life. Andrew's success won't be everyone's story; but he and the Patient Power team are committed to helping every patient find an approach that gives the best chance at good health by becoming educated about their diagnosis; seeking the best healthcare providers; getting second and even third opinions on what approach to take – including participating in clinical trials, if appropriate; and drawing on others for support.

The bottom line? Patient Power works hard to help patients be informed consumers who play active roles in their own care. When that happens, patients typically do better.

Patient Power is built on a library of programs that are organized into disease categories, or “Health Centers.” The library grows constantly, through coverage at key medical conferences and new recorded and live video and text content. Our programs and articles feature top medical experts from some of the world’s leading medical institutions, dedicated advocates and inspiring, knowledgeable patients and care partners. We invite you to watch and read, learn from these programs, and let us know what you think, either by taking a short survey after your program or by contacting us directly.

Financial support for Patient Power comes from Andrew and Esther's own funds, key medical centers, and industry sponsors who have no editorial control. Patient Power is not selling anything and has no agenda other than to help patients and care partners live well.

The opinions expressed on this site are our staff’s, our contributors and guests, and visitors like you. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our sponsors or any outside organization.

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As an adjunct to our educational programs, Patient Power also facilitates “patient engagement.” That’s where we invite patients and care partners across the many conditions we serve to share their voices, educating the media, government and organizations developing medical products. To learn more about these activities, visit our patient engagement page.

To learn more about our staff, check out Our Team and we invite your questions and feedback anytime at