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Impetus Digital Discusses Patient Empowerment and Patient Centricity With Patient Power

May 14, 2020 -- In May this year, Impetus Digital interviewed our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Esther Schorr, about her decades-long commitment and passion for empowering both patients and “care partners” and is a strong believer that patient education leads to empowerment and better care. Esther has worked with her spouse and two-time cancer survivor, Andrew, on patient and family education projects for more than 30 years. Their focus has always been encourage patients to take control of their healthcare decisions.  The discussion centered on Patient Power’s work to forward a “patient-centric” mindset in Pharma, and the critical need for improved health and technology literacy among the general population.  They also discuss how companies have to adapt their oncology clinical trials during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and how telemedicine and decentralized study designs could help.

You can watch the whole video on demand below.

A big thanks to Impetus Digital for providing the opportunity to reach their audience and ours with this important discussion.

About Impetus Digital

Through their cutting-edge online collaboration tools, Impetus Digital helps life science organizations virtualize their in-person meetings and seamlessly gather insights from, and collaborate with, internal and external key stakeholders

About Patient Power

Patient Power is a patient-centric, mission-driven media organization dedicated to providing actionable information and support to people affected by cancer. Through its multiple programs, Patient Power empowers patients and their care partners with the most up-to-date and salient information to make savvy treatment decisions. Programs include patient-powered journalism, reporting from the frontlines of cancer conferences; in-person and live broadcast Town Hall meetings in specific cancers featuring medical experts and inspiring patients; interviews and broadcasts throughout the year; and e-newsletters targeted to specific cancers. Patient Power also produces peer-to-peer discussions, including “Patient Café,” on-line conversations highlighting the wisdom of experienced patients and care partners, as well frequent postings on a variety of social media channels.

Patient Power also amplifies the voice of people it reaches, delivering their insights to interested parties, including the media, government and companies that develop medical products. 

Patient Power’s mission is to help patients and care partners, from diagnosis on, approach cancer in way that accelerates their journey to the best possible health.

For more, visit us at Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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Andrew Schorr
Co-Founder and President

Deanne Eagle
(917) 837-5866