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Patient Power Survey Shows Most Patients Willing to Participate in Clinical Trials

43% of patients NOT participating in clinical trials say the option was never discussed by their medical team

Patient Power® has published results from the first Patient Power Cancer Clinical Trials Survey, showing that the majority of patients surveyed were interested in taking part in clinical trials - good news for drug developers and government looking to complete trial enrollment.  Patients who participated in clinical studies—some of them in more than one—found them to be of clinical benefit and well worth the effort. However, nearly half of the patients said their medical care team had not discussed clinical trials with them, and if patients brought the subject up, participation was often discouraged.

Patient Power Co-Founder, Andrew Schorr, presented survey results at the Global Oncology Site Solutions Summit, in Austin, Texas in January. Schorr lives with two blood cancers and has participated in two clinical trials himself. Patient Power urges patients to get educated about all treatment options - including trials -  and advocates for medical professionals to present clinical trials as critical potential option that should have a place in all treatment discussions.

"In this age of chronic cancer and an explosion of clinical trials, many of them addressing different cancer stages, from early to late-stage, it has never been more important for patients to ask about clinical trial options, and for medical staff to bring them up in treatment conversations, even if there isn't a local trial" said Andrew Schorr.  "While there is a high level of interest among information-seeking patients to learn about clinical trials, this survey showed that there is a bottleneck at the treating physician level. Medical professionals are a patient's first contact. Many are doing a great job, but there's still room for improvement. If we want to accelerate trial enrollment, give patients all of their options."

The survey was done in late 2019/early 2020 with 666 cancer patients responding – here are a few key findings:

  • 50% of respondents were "very likely" to participate in a clinical trial and 26% were "possibly likely."
  • 58% of patients considered participating in a clinical trial – and 44% actually did.
  • 57% of respondents who "were likely" or "possibly likely" to participate in a trial said their medical team had discussed it at some point during their care.
  • The majority of those (65%) who participated in at least one trial reported that it was not financially burdensome.
  • 85% they believe they gained a clinical benefit from being in a trial.
  • However, 43% of all patients surveyed reported that clinical trials were never discussed with them as an option by their medical teams.

To view the survey, please go to:  #patienttrialsurvey

About Patient Power

Patient Power is a patient-centric, mission-driven media organization dedicated to providing actionable information and support to people affected by cancer. Through its multiple programs, Patient Power empowers patients and their care partners with the most up-to-date and salient information to make savvy treatment decisions. Programs include patient-powered journalism, reporting from the frontlines of cancer conferences; in-person and live broadcast Town Hall meetings in specific cancers featuring medical experts and inspiring patients; interviews and broadcasts throughout the year; and e-newsletters targeted to specific cancers. Patient Power also produces peer-to-peer discussions, including “Patient Café,” on-line conversations highlighting the wisdom of experienced patients and care partners, as well frequent postings on a variety of social media channels.

Patient Power also amplifies the voice of people it reaches, delivering their insights to interested parties, including the media, government and companies that develop medical products. 

Patient Power’s mission is to help patients and care partners, from diagnosis on, approach cancer in way that accelerates their journey to the best possible health.

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Andrew Schorr
Co-Founder and President

Deanne Eagle
(917) 837-5866

SOURCE: Patient Power