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Patient Power Declares for Cancer Health Justice: Appropriate Cancer Care for Every Patient Every Time

Signs Tigerlily Foundation Inclusion Pledge for Women of Color

Commits to More Programming for Underserved Groups, Diversifying the Patient Power Voice

Carlsbad, CA, July 15, 2020 -- Patient Power®, a patient-driven cancer news organization, declares its commitment to cancer healthcare justice: empowering patients to the right cancer treatment at the right time for each, irrespective of race, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, financial means or any other discriminating factor. As part of this commitment, Patient Power has:

  • Shared the Patient Power “Diversity and Inclusion Pledge” with cancer care centers and health industry partners.
  • Signed the Tigerlily Foundation “Diversity and Inclusion Pledge for Women of Color,” publicly promising to “advocate for and activate the inclusion of women of color across initiatives that impact their cancer support and overall health.”
  • Committed to bettering the Patient Power reach to under-served cancer patient populations through expanded programming for specific groups, such as women of color, LGTBQ patients and others, and leveraging their access to quality care.
  • Committed to recruiting a more diverse set of patients, care partners, and clinical experts as Patient Power interviewers, presenters and contributors.

Patient Power is also deepening and diversifying its body of educational resources to “work tirelessly” for cancer care equity, as Co-founder, Andrew Schorr, wrote in the recent editorial, “Quality Cancer Care for Everyone”.

 “Patient Power has always believed that every cancer patient deserves the right care at the right time, a grounding principle that has never been more vital as social inequities highlight persistent inequities in healthcare,” said Andrew Schorr, Patient Power President and Co-founder and a two-time cancer patient.

The Patient Power Cancer Justice For All initiatives are being led by Esther Schorr, Patient Power COO and Co-founder.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to cancer care justice,” Esther commented, “we are proud to stand beside the Tigerlily Foundation, Angel in Disguise, and other like-minded organizations, as we also increase our programming to diverse patient groups and diversify the voices at Patient Power.”

About Patient Power

Patient Power is a patient-centric, mission-driven media organization dedicated to providing actionable information and support to people affected by cancer. Through its multiple programs, Patient Power empowers patients and their care partners with the most up-to-date and salient information to make savvy treatment decisions. Programs include patient-powered journalism, reporting from the frontlines of cancer conferences; in-person and live broadcast Town Hall meetings in specific cancers featuring medical experts and inspiring patients; interviews and broadcasts throughout the year; and e-newsletters targeted to specific cancers. Patient Power also produces peer-to-peer discussions, including “Patient Café,” on-line conversations highlighting the wisdom of experienced patients and care partners, as well frequent postings on a variety of social media channels.

Patient Power also amplifies the voice of people it reaches, delivering their insights to interested parties, including the media, government and companies that develop medical products. 

Patient Power’s mission is to help patients and care partners, from diagnosis on, approach cancer in way that accelerates their journey to the best possible health.

For more, visit us at Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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Andrew Schorr
Co-Founder and President

Deanne Eagle
(917) 837-5866