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Living Well During AML Treatment

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Want to learn more about the latest treatment options for acute myeloid leukemia? Recently, we held a virtual town hall meeting that covered AML diagnosis, treatment options and lifestyle choices. The discussion included patient advocates, experts from UT Health San Antonio and from the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. Topics included:

  • AML treatment options, including how CAR-T cell and stem cell transplants fit in.
  • What's in development with regards to clinical trials and potential new drugs.
  • A discussion with an AML survivor, who shares lifestyle changes they incurred as well as advice.
  • How to manage side effects through lifestyle.

This program is sponsored by AbbVie, Inc. and Genentech, Inc. These organizations have no editorial control. It is produced by Patient Power. Patient Power is solely responsible for program content.

Northwestern Lurie

Living Well During AML Treatment