Ask the CLL Expert - LIVE

September 27, 2018

An audience of CLL patients and their care partners joined us online as CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman of Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center answered audience questions.

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How Should Patients Manage CLL and Diabetes?

How can a patient move forward with a double diagnosis of diabetes and CLL? Watch as Dr. Jeff Sharman offers advice for monitoring disease behavior and receiving treatment for both conditions.


Are Body Cramps a Side Effect of CLL Treatment?

Are body cramps a side effect of a CLL treatment? Watch now as CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman discusses pains and cramps and ways to manage side effects.


Who Is a Good Candidate for CAR T-Cell Therapy?

CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman gives an update on CAR T-cell therapy research, which conditions it’s FDA approved for, and where it fits in the CLL treatment landscape. Watch now to learn more.


Is Chemo Safe for CLL Patients With a 17p Deletion?

What role does the 17p deletion play in determining the beginning of treatment? Tune in to hear CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman explain.


What Tests Are Used to Categorize and Treat CLL?

Watch as renowned CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman explains the five distinct categories of CLL, testing used to identify patient subtypes and how this influences treatment decisions.


Clinical Research Updates on CLL Frontline Therapies

Are approaches for first-line treatment likely to change in the next couple years? Tune in to find out now from renowned CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman.


When Should CLL Patients Consider Treatment for Fatigue?

A Patient Power community member who struggles with fatigue wants to know more about indications for treatment. Can the side effect be attributable to other health issues? Tune in to hear Dr. Jeff Sharman’s expert perspective on treating CLL patients with fatigue.


Living With CLL During Flu Season: What Vaccines Are Recommended?

Living with CLL increases the risk of complications during cold and flu season. What do experts recommend for patients to prevent infection? Watch now to find out from Dr. Jeff Sharman.


New Drug Approval for CLL: An Expert Explains How the Treatment Landscape Is Evolving

During this Ask the Expert segment, a Patient Power community member asks, “where does the recently approved drug, duvelisib, fit into the CLL treatment landscape?” Watch now to find out from expert Dr. Jeff Sharman.


Ask the CLL Expert Live Replay

Leading CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman answered questions from the Patient Power community LIVE. Watch the replay now to hear answers to your questions about treatment, research, managing side effects and more.


Host & Guests

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, CLL Patient and Advocate


Medical Oncologist, Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center; Medical Director, The US Oncology Network

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