Ask the Lung Cancer Experts: Is Precision Medicine’s Reach Increasing in Lung Cancer?

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November 08, 2018

An online audience of lung cancer patients and their caregivers joined us virtually for a recent webcast to learn about emerging research details, currently approved therapies and promising clinical trials.

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Will CAR T-Cell Therapy Benefit Lung Cancer Patients?

Does CAR-T cell therapy have a role in lung cancer care, and which targeted immunotherapies are in development? Tune in as Dr. Jhanelle Gray gives a research update on immunotherapy.


Lung Cancer Q&A: How Can Radiation Side Effects Be Reduced?

How do doctors balance treatment efficacy and side effects? Watch now to hear experts Dr. Stephen Rosenberg and Dr. Jhanelle Gray explain ways to lower radiation toxicities.


What Does a Teamwork Approach to Lung Cancer Care Look Like?

What is multidisciplinary lung cancer care? Tune in to hear lung cancer experts describe a team medicine approach and how team members work together.


What Is the Course for Treatment If Lung Cancer Spreads?

Lung cancer expert Dr. Jhanelle Gray explains how to proceed with care when lung cancer spreads and available treatment options. Watch now to learn more.


Lung Cancer Q&A: When Should Patients Consider Getting a Liquid Biopsy?

Where do liquid biopsies fit in with lung cancer care? Watch to hear lung cancer expert Dr. Theresa Boyle discuss liquid biopsy purpose, value and influence of test results.


Lung Cancer Q&A: Can Mutations Change Over Time?

How often should lung cancer patients get genetic testing? Can treatment cause mutational status to change? Watch and learn from lung cancer expert Dr. Jhanelle Gray.


Lung Cancer Q&A: What Are Driver Mutations?

How do driver mutations influence lung cancer treatment decisions? Tune in to hear lung cancer experts Dr. Jhanelle Gray and Dr. Theresa Boyle explain how doctors identify unique tumor biology.


What Role Does Radiation Play in Lung Cancer Care?

Watch as lung cancer experts Dr. Jhanelle Gray and Dr. Stephen A. Rosenberg from the Moffitt Cancer Center discuss the role of radiation oncology in lung cancer care.


Ed’s Story: The Impact of Modern Medicine and Clinical Trials on My Lung Cancer

Meet Ed Cutler, a lung cancer survivor and advocate from Tampa, Fla., as he shares the ups and downs of his treatment journey; from standard care to two clinical trials, to help others understand the positive impact innovative therapies can have.


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Host & Guests

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate


Director, Thoracic Clinical Research, Department of Thoracic Oncology

Anatomic & Clinical Pathologist

Radiation Oncologist, Researcher and Writer

Lung Cancer Survivor and Advocate

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