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Adrian Wiestner, MD, PhD

Adrian Wiestner, MD, PhD

Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Lymphoid Malignancies

Dr. Adrian Wiestner graduated from the University of Basel with a MD in 1992 and a PhD in 1997. He completed his residency in the department of internal medicine at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland. He is certified by the Swiss Medical Board in Internal Medicine and by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. He joined the NHLBI as a hematology fellow in 2000, became a clinical fellow at the National Cancer Institute in 2003, and joined the NHLBI as a tenure-track investigator in 2004. He has been an attending physician in the NHLBI’s Hematology Branch since 2004. Dr. Wiestner has authored or coauthored more than 60 papers and is currently conducting multiple clinical research studies. 

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