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Alice Sperling

Alice Sperling

Care Partner

Alice Sperling is a care partner to long-time CLL patient Jay Sperling. She holds a Master's in Adult Education from Oregon State University.  Shortly thereafter she was appointed head of the newly created Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at LBCC.  In this position, she developed and led staff and faculty training and professional enhancement activities across the college until her retirement in 2013.  Alice was often called upon to facilitate meetings and retreats for various groups at the college.  

During her time at LBCC, she also served as ABE/GED Department Chair, Faculty President, and chair of numerous college committees.  In September 2013, Alice received the LBCC Distinguished Staff Award upon the recommendation of her peers. 

In retirement, she is a mosaic artist (Mist River Mosaics) and loves to read.  Alice lives in the country on the Mary’s River with her husband Jay. She spends time each day keeping up with CLL research and information through Patient Power, the CLL Society, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), and several other listservs and web pages.  

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