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Amy Hash

Amy Hash

Breast Cancer Survivor & Patient Advocate

Amy Hash is a former pastry chef turned writer and mother of two young boys living in San Francisco. Always up for a food experiment, she accepted a challenge from her cousin to drink celery juice every morning, supposedly as a way to help eliminate toxins from the liver. She has no idea if it refreshed her liver, but she lost five pounds and suddenly felt a lump in her right breast. After a whirlwind week of tests at UCSF, Amy was diagnosed with a cancerous 4cm tumor with one positive lymph node. She started chemotherapy for triple positive breast cancer a month later. She completed 12 rounds of THP and four rounds of AC followed by a lumpectomy. Pathology came back as having less than one percent cellularity. Amy and her oncologist were very happy with her response to chemo. However, in preparation for radiation, she had a mammogram of the breast, which showed something suspicious beyond the lumpectomy site. A biopsy came back positive for Her2 cancer. Amy did three rounds of TDM-1 and then had a unilateral mastectomy. Pathology showed 1mm of cancer remaining. She is currently finishing her TDM-1 treatment and is scheduled for reconstructive surgery in early 2021. Once she has recovered and regained her strength, she will likely start Nerlynx to reduce the risk of recurrence in the brain. In the meantime, Amy is active with her local breast cancer support group, BAYS, helping newly diagnosed women navigate their healthcare options, manage their chemo symptoms, and embrace their future as a cancer survivor. She has also vowed to never drink celery juice again.

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