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Andrew Schorr

Andrew Schorr

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate

Andrew Schorr of Carlsbad, California near San Diego is a medical journalist who, working in partnership with his wife, Esther, has devoted his life to educating and empowering families affected by serious illnesses since 1984. First as the producer of brief educational videos and, more recently hosting worldwide broadcasts on the Internet, Andrew and his team have touched the lives of several million patients. They have won numerous national awards for the quality and impact of their work. 

In 1996, Andrew became a patient himself. After an abnormal routine blood test, he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, “CLL,” the most common leukemia in adults. By participating in a Phase II clinical trial he enjoyed a deep, 17-year remission which enabled him to lead a full life and accelerate the Schorrs’ work in patient education and medical journalism. In 2011, after the discovery of abnormal clots in the veins of his legs and being followed in a Phase III clinical trial for an investigational blood thinner he was diagnosed with a second blood-related cancer, myelofibrosis or scarring in the bone marrow. This was possibly an after-effect of chemotherapy he had received years earlier. Andrew was fortunate that an oral genetic inhibiting medicine was approved for myelofibrosis that same year and that medicine continues to be effective care for him. In 2017 Andrew’s CLL remission ended, and he received 6 months of monoclonal antibody infusions which have led to a second deep remission. Andrew continues to receive monthly immune system boosting medicine (immunoglobulin) as well as taking pills to prevent viral and bacterial infections. Fortunately, his health status is good and he remains very active as an executive producer and host of Patient Power’s global programs, as a prolific writer and columnist, and as a national speaker. 

Andrew has a long history in journalism. He has journalism degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Columbia University and worked as a television and radio reporter/producer at WBTV/WBT in Charlotte and as a national producer based in San Francisco of the groundbreaking reality television program "PM/Evening Magazine." In Los Angeles Andrew produced many entertainment video segments with PM Magazine’s Maria Shriver and at KABC’s “Hollywood Close-up”. In San Diego he produced many segments with animal expert Joan Embry. Andrew also produced many medical news and consumer news segments for national syndication.

Andrew is the author of The Web-Savvy Patient: An Insider's Guide to Navigating the Internet When Facing Medical Crisis, published in the spring of 2011. In the book, Andrew shares the real-life success stories of powerful patients to help individuals feel confident using the Internet to find reliable medical information, connect with others, and use what they learn in effective conversations with their doctor.  

Andrew and Esther have been happily married since 1985 and have three grown children.

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