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Ann Zielinski

Ann Zielinski

Patient Advocate

Ann Zielinskii was initially diagnosed with polycythemia vera (PV) in 2001 following a routine blood test. She was immediately referred to a local hematologist who left her feeling dismal about the future. She sought care from another hematologist/oncologist at the clinic who had been a student of Dr. Tefferi's at Mayo Clinic.  When he departed after 12 years she was assigned a new hematologist/oncologist but decided that it was time to go to a specialist at a research center. She chose to visit MPN specialist Dr. Alison Moliterno at Johns Hopkins. Due to limitations with her health insurance, Ann eventually settled on seeing a local hematologist accompanied by a yearly visit with MPN specialist, Dr. Brady Stein, in Chicago. In 2013, changes in her lab test results coupled with an enlarged spleen that had begun to interfere with her daily life, indicated that her PV was progressing. Her hematologist at the time prescribed her peginterferon alfa-2a (Pegasys), and she’s been responding well for many years. Ann is very involved in her care and makes a point to bridge the communication between her local doctor and Dr. Stein. Today, Ann is retired and refers to herself as “the healthiest sick lady you’ll ever want to meet.”  She enjoys gardening and stays in shape by visiting the gym four days per week, including a workout with a personal trainer. Ann is married with two grown children.

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