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Annette De Bow

Annette De Bow

Patient Advocate

Annette De Bow was diagnosed with polycythemia vera (PV) in 2008 at the age of 41. During a “well baby” check-up with her 6-month-old, her family practitioner thought Annette didn’t look well and decided to run a blood test. The blood test showed high levels of hematocrit and, within the month, she was diagnosed with PV. Looking back, Annette was having many symptoms such as weight loss, extreme fatigue, and ringing in the ears, all of which can be easily chalked up to having a newborn.  She was referred to a general hematologist who began treatment. While her treatment was working, Annette felt she wasn’t being heard and she began her own journey of educating herself and finding the best care. While at a symposium put on by the MPN Research Foundation, Annette decided that she should seek out an MPN specialist like the one speaking at the event, Dr. Jason Gotlib.  He now monitors her care and treatment regimen along with a local hematologist.  An avid hiker, Annette founded Trek for a Cure to raise awareness of MPNs and fund research for the MPN Research Foundation. In her spare time, Annette enjoys spending time with her family, bird watching, hiking and gardening.  

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