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Beth Kart Probert

Beth Kart Probert

Patient Advocate and Host

Beth Kart Probert was diagnosed with polycythemia vera in April of 2016, and after 15 months of treatment, she is now in remission. From the moment she was diagnosed, Beth was driven to find out as much information as she could about the disease, treatments available, and staying abreast with all new clinical trials and treatments in development. Beth also got involved with support groups, and patient advocacy and education. Her passion for informing and educating cancer patients and their caregivers has been a primary focus, since her own PV diagnosis. She understands firsthand that information and knowledge pave the road to wellness. Beth also believes that a strong patient/doctor relationship, good support system, and including mindfulness into your daily life are all key factors in a successful healing plan.

Beth recently returned back to the financial services field, where she has always had a passion for helping people with financial solutions. She is an agent with New York Life, And helps people with life insurance, retirement planning, college funding and long-term care solutions. Throughout her career, she has been involved with hosting and creating live video webinars and information sessions, most recently with Patient Power.  Beth enjoys sharing her insight, and advocating and educating cancer patients and their caregivers. 

Beth is originally from Los Angeles, and now resides in Oxnard, along the central coast of California. She is married and has two wonderful young adult children, Scotty and Amanda. 

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