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Brian Walker, PhD

Brian Walker, PhD

Professor and Director of Research, The Myeloma Institute

Dr. Brian Walker and Professor and Director of Research at the Myeloma Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  His research is focused on the genetics of multiple myeloma. Dr. Walker is interested in the structure of the myeloma genome, from single nucleotide mutations to large structural events, such as translocations, and how these affect patients’ prognoses. Since using cutting-edge technologies, he has investigated how these events change during the progression of disease from MGUS and asymptomatic myeloma through to myeloma and extramedullary disease.  Dr. Walker has a keen interest in how these abnormalities drive the pathogenesis of high-risk myeloma, initiating evolution of disease through intraclonal heterogeneity and drug resistance.  His team is involved with implementing new genetic discoveries in the clinic through the use of innovative diagnostic tests.

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