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Cherie Rineker

Cherie Rineker

Myeloma Patient, Author and Blogger

[Editor’s note: (10/2019): Cherie Rineker had a long battle with myeloma that included 16 lines of myeloma therapy, numerous hospitalizations, and incredible physical and emotional stress. She decided to end her battle with myeloma with physician assistance in Colorado by using the End of Life Options Act. Cherie was an incredible source of inspiration who embraced healthy living and the latest in cancer treatments. She will be remembered as a myeloma advocate leader with a big smile that lit up a room. Cherie's personal motto was, “It was always about love anyway.”

Cherie Rineker was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. After six months of every possible test, terrible bone pain, and anemia so severe that she could barely make it up the stairs to her apartment, this former triathlete and health nut found out she was in the last stage of multiple myeloma, an incurable, yet treatable cancer. Today, almost four years later, she is still battling the cancer, but that has not stopped her from bringing awareness to doctors and people all around the world. She has recently made the pledge to have $1,000,000 go toward multiple myeloma research. In order to do so she will need to sell one million copies of her book, A Pilgrimage Without End: How Cancer Healed My Broken Heart, something she believes is easily doable as word gets out! Be sure to share this story of courage, perseverance, strength and hope.

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