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Chrissy Degennaro

Chrissy Degennaro

Myeloma Patient Advocate

Chrissy Degennaro is a multiple myeloma survivor.  She was diagnosed is 2006 back when multiple myeloma was poorly understood.  She was originally given a prognosis of less than a year to live.  Chrissy has been married to Nick since 1999, and they have a son, Zack, who is currently 13 years old.  Chrissy is a full-time wife, mom and survivor.  Prior to her diagnosis, though, Chrissy worked in both the casino industry and as a travel agent. 

Chrissy is all about the experience and not material possessions.  To that end, her goal is to visit all 50 states in the United States.  As of January 2018, Chrissy has visited 49 states with only Hawaii left to see.  Chrissy’s family has been able to join her on at least half of these trips. 

The Degennaro family lives near the New Jersey beach with their 22-pound cat.  Most days you can find Chrissy running around in her flip-flops with Air Supply playing in the background.  Chrissy never misses their concerts and figures out a way to go see them every year.

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