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Dianne Robinson

Dianne Robinson

Patient Advocate

Dianne Robinson was diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia (ET) over eight years ago through a routine blood test.  She began seeing her local hematologist and was on medication for two years before discontinuing use due to side effects.  In March of 2014, when a blood test showed high platelets and high potassium, Dianne sought treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center and met Dr. Verstovsek.  She is now enrolled in a clinical trial for a time-release version of a medication she was on in the past. Dianne has not let ET affect her daily lifestyle and is optimistic about being under the care of Dr. Verstovsek.   

She works part-time at a local elementary school tutoring children with reading difficulties.  Dianne is an avid NFL football fan and also an avid fan of her college football team, the Texas Aggies. In her spare time, Dianne enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, making jewelry, reading, exercise and gardening.  One of Dianne’s favorite quotes is "Among the daily chances of this life every man on earth is threatened in the same way by innumerable deaths, and it is uncertain which of them will come to him. And so the question is whether it is better to suffer one in dying or fear them all in living." Augustine of Hippo 427 A.D.