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Dikla Benzeevi

Dikla Benzeevi

MBC Patient Advocate

Dikla Benzeevi, originally diagnosed at age 32, is an 18-year survivor of advanced metastatic stage 4 breast cancer.  Since being diagnosed, she has dedicated her time to breast cancer outreach, advocacy, and peer support – assisting and guiding people with metastatic breast cancer and young persons with breast cancer and their loved ones through this difficult journey.

In addition, Dikla is involved in many outreach activities – including active involvement with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, the Young Survival Coalition, Cancer Support Community, UCLA and local and national cancer support centers and advocacy organizations. Dikla was recognized as a Lifetime Television Stop Breast Cancer For Life Hero, received the Breast Cancer Recovery Organization’s Inaugural Ann Haney Award and her story was featured on the PBS NewsHour television program.

Through her own long term survivorship and broad knowledge of resources, Dikla provides hope and guidance for women and men dealing with breast cancer, and promotes greater public awareness of the needs of breast cancer thrivers. She advocates for greater funding for and creation of more comprehensive support services, for greater research funding into life extending and quality of life maintaining cancer treatments and ultimately for a cure for early and advanced stage breast cancer.

She does this all on a volunteer basis while undergoing treatment herself.  She is passionate about promoting a message of hope, that with a great treatment plan, a positive and nurturing support network, healthy lifestyle habits, self advocating and a little bit of luck, more of us diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer can live long and well.

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