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Donna Fernandez

Donna Fernandez

Patient Advocate

Donna Fernandez was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2012. Always up to a challenge and never a worrier, she decided that she would continue to live her life to the fullest extent possible for the time that was left. As it has turned out, she has far surpassed the four months her first oncologist told her as her remaining time. Donna is a wife of 41 years, mother of one son, grandmother to two grandsons and teammate with two dogs. She retired at the end of 2013 and has been spending her time running agility with her dogs, learning more about photography, trying her hand at gardening, and enjoying every minute of every day. Donna is an active advocate for more funding for cancer research. In 2015, she had the opportunity to speak on Capitol Hill and visit with White House staff about the importance of adequately funding cancer research.

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