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Doug Kenaley

Doug Kenaley

Myeloma Patient and Advocate

Doug Kenaley was diagnosed with myeloma by accident in early 2015 when he asked his general physician to pursue a minor pain near on his abdomen to see if it was a gallstone. Through a series of tests, he eventually had a CT scan of his liver, which was also clear, but which showed a large plasmacytomia on his spine at the location of a T12 collapse which had occurred nine months earlier and had been misdiagnosed as osteoporosis. He immediately began induction chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant later that same year.  The following year, he began maintenance treatment through a clinical trial which involves adding a monoclonal antibody to the standard chemo regimen. His original local oncologist recommended he get genetic testing immediately after diagnosis.  Doug says that knowing his test results have allowed him to feel less stressed when he goes to the doctor, because he now has a better understanding of his particular type of myeloma.  He also believes this knowledge has improved his quality of life by giving his doctors the confidence to tweak his chemo regimen in order to reduce side effects and align more with his lifestyle.  

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