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Eleni Andreopoulou, MD

Eleni Andreopoulou, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine & Director, Breast Cancer Center Clinical Research, Weill Cornell Medical Center

Dr. Eleni Andreopoulou is a medical oncologist with an expertise in breast cancer medicine. Her focus is the multidisciplinary care and treatment of patients, especially those who have tumors that are high risk. Because she is a passionate advocate of personalized medicine, her goal is to develop new successful treatments that exploit the knowledge of the cancer genome and the immuno cell network for immunotherapy, in order to improve the outcomes of breast cancer patients. To do this, Dr. Andreopoulou actively participates in team science and recognizes the importance of establishing strong connections with other disciplines involved in the care of patients and who are in the laboratory, as her goals are the same- to cure breast cancer. She views her patients as individuals and welcomes open and inclusive communication when discussing treatment strategies as it is paramount they feel comfortable with an established treatment pathway.

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