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Eliot Finkelstein

Eliot Finkelstein

CLL Patient and Advocate

Eliot Finkelstein was diagnosed in May of 2013 at 55 years of age with CLL and was told he would be in the watch and wait (worry) program. Two and-a-half years later, some of his blood result numbers doubled over a 6-month period, and his LDH was rapidly increasing inappropriately. Eliot began FCR in Feb 2016. His last treatment will take place the week of June 27-29, 2016. Eliot’s disease manifested mostly in his enlarged lymph nodes. Eliot has an engaging Facebook presence at  He also maintains a website at Eliot’s background is varied: retired military reserves (no financial help until he turns 60), realtor photographer, graphic artist and web designer, to name a few.

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