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Eric Wolf

Living with Multiple Myeloma

Eric Wolf was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in February 2012 at the age of 46. Eric, a U.S. Marine stationed in Mexico, was out for a morning run when he felt a deep pain in his back, which he tried to dismiss as normal aches and pains. It wasn’t until several days later, when he became so ill he had to go to the Emergency room, that he realized it was something more severe – his T-12 vertebrae had collapsed. He was transported to the Naval Hospital in San Diego where he had surgery on his spine and was told he had cancer. Over the next several months, he had physical therapy for his back as well as chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to treat the multiple myeloma. He is currently on a chemotherapy regimen to control his myeloma. Eric and his wife live in Southern California where he currently works part-time with his local government. He enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering at his church and in his community, as well as riding his motorcycle through the canyons.  He is happiest when serving something bigger than himself: God, country, and the myeloma community.

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