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Esther Schorr

Esther Schorr

Online Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Caregiver and Patient Advocate

Esther Schorr is the co-founder of Patient Power and for 30 years has been married to co-founder Andrew Schorr. She has been by his side as he has been diagnosed with two cancers, chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 1996, and myelofibrosis in 2011. While these diagnoses present real emotional, logistical and financial challenges, Esther has proven to be an exemplary “care partner.” She is dedicated to helping others with the conditions and especially connecting with other family members and friends who seek to support the patient. Esther and Andrew have three children. The third was conceived, by choice, after Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia. Esther has two degrees from UCLA, an undergraduate degree in communications, and a graduate degree, an MBA.

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