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Gail McCray

Gail McCray

Myeloma Patient and Advocate

Gail McCray has been a survivor of multiple myeloma since 2008. She is a health educator by training. From a few months after her diagnosis through today, she is impressed daily with the engagement, knowledge and curiosity of patients, and with the patient-centered practice of the doctors, healthcare providers, researchers, and the myeloma support organizations and agencies. The collaboration and cooperation of all those essential components of optimal health outcomes is the model we all think that healthcare and medical care should follow. In other disease areas, one or all of the partners usually falls short.
She appreciates the important role of all caregivers in this process and is eternally indebted to her own sister/caregiver for all her research, critical thinking and questions, and just good old nurturing. At every turn, she learns from other Myeloma Warriors, and is glad to be in the midst of all the players doing their parts to stay strong, stay focused and find a cure.

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