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George Burrell

George Burrell

Myeloma Patient and Advocate

George Burrell was diagnosed with myeloma in 2011. His first symptom was low iron anemia, a year prior to going to the ER on Easter Sunday of 2011 with ulcers, a CT scan there showed he had lesions. The on-call doctor diagnosed him with myeloma. His treatment started with a bone marrow biopsy and chemo; then a stem cell transplant in October 2011, followed by maintenance chemo until his cancer numbers began to increase in the spring of 2015. After his first transplant, George participated in a T-cell clinical trial at Methodist, the trial showed promise but was not successful for his myeloma. In May 2015, he had his second stem cell transplant at Methodist. By 2018, when his cancer numbers began increasing and several chemo drugs proved too toxic or ineffective, his local oncologist and team at Methodist referred him to Dr. Krina Patel at MD Anderson Cancer Center for a possible clinical trial. George participated in a new trail (Amgen 224), which worked for about a year. Currently, he’s on a three-drug chemo regimen with Dr. Patel. He had genetic testing when he was diagnosed and each time before his stem cell transplants and clinical trials.

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