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Heather Cheng, MD, PhD

Heather Cheng, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Heather Cheng is an assistant professor at the University of Washington and an assistant member at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She treats patients with prostate, bladder and testicular cancer. Dr. Cheng received her MD and PhD from the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed a fellowship in hematology/oncology at the University of Washington. Her research interests include studying new treatments for prostate and bladder cancer through clinical trials and understanding how to sequence the new drugs to maximize therapeutic benefit for patients. Dr. Cheng lost two family members to prostate cancer, which has helped drive her work, “The diagnosis of cancer is a devastating event for patients and their loved ones, which makes the role of the oncologist a vital one,” she said. “I strive to offer information, guidance, and support with the hope of making the path forward less frightening. Equally important, oncology is ever evolving with new scientific developments, clinical trials and treatments, making it possible to instill hope into every day.”

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