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James Omel, MD

James Omel, MD

Patient Advocate

Dr. Jim Omel is a retired Family Practice physician who was diagnosed with myeloma in 1997.  His cancer was initially treated with VAD and radiation, and at relapse in 2000 he had an ASCT, retired from active medical practice, and began a new role as a cancer research advocate.  Relapse in 2006 was treated with lenalidomide (Revlimid), local bone irradiation, and lenalidomide as maintenance therapy.  In late 2010 another rib recurrence was treated with local radiation, bortezomib (Velcade), and lenalidomide.  His experience includes 14 months of ONJ with exposed mandible which has totally resolved.   He is currently taking no treatment except for periodic pamidronate disodium (Aredia) infusions.

Dr. Omel’s advocacy has included work with the NCI Myeloma Steering Committee, NCI peer review and the NCI Director’s Board of Scientific Advisors, FDA, Alliance Cooperative Group Myeloma and Transplant Committees, CIBMTR, ASCO (CancerLinQ, Platelet Task Force, Clinical Pathways Task Force, and bisphosphonates in Myeloma Review Panel), NCCN Myeloma Guidelines reviewer, Myeloma MRD White Paper panel, Takeda Oncology’s INSIGHT clinical trial Steering Committee and PLC (patient leadership council), Celgene’s Connect MM Steering Committee, Janssen’s Patient Advisory Council, and Karyopharm’s KARE Advisory Council.  He has also led the Central Nebraska Myeloma Support Group for 20 years, is a member of his local hospital’s Cancer Committee, and volunteers with the LLS First Connection program.  He serves as an external advisor to research projects at St. Louis Washington University and Blood Cancer Network Ireland.

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