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James Omel, MD

James Omel, MD

Patient Advocate

James (Jim) Omel, MD is a full-time caregiver for his wife who has multiple sclerosis. He was diagnosed with myeloma in 1997 and was treated with VAD and radiation. At relapse in 2000, he had an ASCT, retired from active medical practice, and began a new role as cancer research patient advocate. Relapse in 2006 was treated with lenalidomide (Revlimid), irradiation and maintenance therapy with more Revlimid. In late 2010, another rib recurrence was treated with local radiation, bortezomid (Velcade) and Revlimid. He currently is taking no treatment except for periodic pamidronate disodium (Aredia) infusions.

Jim’s advocacy involves work with the NCI including the Myeloma Steering Committee, FDA as a myeloma patient representative, Alliance Cooperative Group as a member of PAC and the Myeloma Committee, AACR, co-chair of CIBMTR (transplantation) CAC committee, Moffitt Cancer Center, and his local hospital cancer committee. Jim has also led the Central Nebraska Myeloma Support Group monthly since 2000. 

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