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Janice DeArmas

Janice DeArmas

7-Year Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate

After years of good health, surgical tech Janice DeArmas was diagnosed with stage IIB, squamous cell lung cancer following an X-ray meant to rule out a heart attack.  The tumor measured between 5 to 6 centimeters, multiple tests were performed, and the outcome was a right lobectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation all done at Rush Medical Center.  While everyone else’s lives moved on, Janice felt like time stood still.  While trying to gain her strength back she learned to do things when she felt good and to accept help from others when she didn’t. Her husband of 15 years, Jerome, stood by her side through the entire journey. Janice, through positive thinking, a strong will to live, and a wonderful medical and family support system today is cancer-free. Upon the advice of her oncologist, she connected with the LUNGevity Foundation, and through them she is able to give back by helping others affected by lung cancer. Her relationship with LUNGevity is ongoing as a volunteer, and her involvement also extends to the American Cancer Society.  Not one to be caught up in “the doom and gloom of statistics,” Janice looks forward to one day retiring to New Orleans with Jerome and their rescue pup, Coco.  Once there, she plans to live both cancer-free and stress-free, pursuing her love of gardening and travel.

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