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Jasmine Souers

Jasmine Souers

Breast Cancer Patient and Co-Founder, For the Breast of Us

Jasmine Souers, a breast cancer survivor from Jacksonville, Florida, was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer at the age of 26. Diagnosed just two days before the new year in 2016, Jasmine thought the results of her biopsy would determine the trajectory of the upcoming year, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

In 2017, with the support of her family and close friends, Jasmine underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and 25 rounds of proton therapy radiation.

The year was filled with many peaks and valleys, but the challenges paled in comparison to the victories. Jasmine turned to reading, writing and self-development to help her grow on her journey. She channeled her energy into a personal blog, Adventures of a Brave Beauty, and an online store for strong women called The Lovely Lionheart. To uplift women on their cancer journeys, Jasmine also created t-shirt care packages called Reign Checks.

Today, Jasmine is in pursuit of a purpose-driven life. She is a passionate advocate for young women and women of color affected by breast cancer. And she believes in the power of sharing the voices of women from marginalized communities to break barriers in the cancer community.

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