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Jennifer Ahlstrom

Jennifer Ahlstrom

Patient Advocate and Founder

Jennifer Ahlstrom, wife, mother of 6 and multiple myeloma patient, sees the involvement of patients as a critical step in accelerating the discovery of a cure.  Jennifer has launched a website called in hopes of creating a place for patients and their loved ones to access all the information they need about multiple myeloma.  To further her efforts, Jennifer has recently partnered with Patient Power.  She also hosts an Internet radio program, mPatient Myeloma Radio where she interviews experts in the field of myeloma.  Jennifer is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and has written songs about the purpose and opposition cancer brings into her life.  “Cancer has pulled me in all sorts of directions.  The tension has led to deep and compressed learning—surprisingly, some of my best lessons have come because of the opposition and not in spite of it.”

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