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Jennifer Abraham (Zarou), LCSW, MSW

Jennifer Abraham (Zarou), LCSW, MSW

Family Therapist and Patient Advocate

Jennifer Zarou is a mother of two amazing girls.  She is a trained and certified social worker and has been in private practice in Massachusetts and New York City, specializing in individual and family therapy for the past 24 years. Jennifer also works as a high school adjustment counselor in a private school on the south shore of Massachusetts. She has two Japanese Chin dogs that were both rescued under extremely neglectful circumstances, but have both managed to thrive and grow.  Jennifer thrives on a challenge and the opportunity to help people and animals.  She enjoys doing anything that is outdoors or anything that requires time with her girls.  Jennifer’s outlook on life is that her glass is always half-full, and life’s lemons are an opportunity to make the sweetest lemonade.

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