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Jeremy Force, MD

Jeremy Force, MD

Medical Oncologist

Dr. Jeremy Force started his medical research career in 2002 with Dr. Judah Folkman studying surrogate markers of antiangiogenic therapies. He went on to complete a medical degree at the University of New England and internal medicine training at the University of Indiana, where, under the mentorship of Dr. George Sledge, Dr. Force decided to dedicate his career towards the investigation of breast cancer. He completed a fellowship in medical oncology at Duke University with a focus on precision medicine and immune oncology. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Medicine in the Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology at Duke University and focuses on treating aggressive breast cancers such as inflammatory breast cancer and triple-negative breast cancers. Dr. Force is an executive member of the Duke molecular tumor board, is the Duke breast cancer Phase I champion, and is a founding member of the Duke inflammatory breast cancer clinic. He is currently involved in clinical and translational research with the ultimate goal of providing novel agents to breast cancer patients. Scientifically and clinically he is focused on identifying novel immunotherapy and precision medicine-based targets and strategies to treat breast cancers. His most recent research endeavor includes a laboratory-based component involving the discovery and validation of putative oncogenic kinase alterations in metastatic breast cancer.

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