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Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

MPN Patient Advocate

Jeremy Smith has been living with an MPN since 1989. Jeremy was originally diagnosed with polycythemia vera that later evolved into myelofibrosis. Despite his condition, he has never missed a day of work and recently launched a new business.

He is committed to daily exercise and believes that physical activity, as well as changes to his diet, has helped to end his fatigue and jump-started his immune system. Jeremy attributes most of his nearly three decades with an MPN to making healthy lifestyle decisions and getting the right care.

He is active in the MPN community and advocates for other patients by writing columns for MPNforum Magazine. Most recently, Jeremy started a new organization called MPN Life, which promotes quality of life for MPN Patients. Another important part of MPN Life is their political action group. Created to provide a voice and meaningful change for MPN patients by leveraging the legislative process at both the local and federal levels.