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Jim Strafford

Jim Strafford

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patient

Jim spent over 40 years in healthcare administration is now semi-retired but continues to work part time as a provider educator. In early 2020, Jim had a squamous cell skin cancer removed, had a recurrence, and has it removed again. In late 2020, Jim noticed a lump under his jaw that was initially treated as an infection but did not respond to treatment. He was then diagnosed the same squamous cell now in the lymph node. After several immunotherapy treatments the tumor has shrunk by 40-45%. Jim continues in treatment.

Jim was introduced to his patient mentor, Lou Lanza, through the 4th Angel mentoring program at the Cleveland Clinic. Lou calmed Jim’s initial fears with a no nonsense but compassionate approach. With Lou as a great role model, Jim hopes to continue to recover and become a patient advocate.

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