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Lou Sears

Lou Sears

Multiple Myeloma Survivor & Patient Advocate

Before Mother’s Day, May 9, 2013, the last thing Lou Sears was thinking about was being sick.  She and the other Reading Specialist were working late after school to complete a special Mother’s Day activity for the Reading students for the next day.
On the way home, Lou became very tired to the point that she didn’t think she could make it home and would have to call her husband to come and pick her up.  When her husband David got home, he took her temperature.  She was running a very high fever and her husband immediately took her to the ER.  She was diagnosed with double pneumonia.  After five days in the hospital and lots of antibiotics and steroids, the doctor said she could go home, but in two weeks would need to have a blood test completed to see if she still had an elevated level of protein in her blood.  Lou’s primary care doctor ordered blood tests and immediately referred her to a hematologist/oncologist.  She was diagnosed with Stage III Multiple Myeloma.  Lou immediately started a fast track for a stem cell transplant which was completed in August 2013.  Since that time, Lou has been in and out of remission and had various therapies including a CAR-T and two clinical trials.
Lou has a B.S. in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Reading, and an Education Specialist Degree in Reading.  She was selected as a STARR Teacher for her state and was Past President of the Missouri State Reading Association.  She received a Reading Association Literacy Award for promoting reading.  Lou recently retired after thirty-nine years in education. She and her husband David, who is also a retired educator, share two daughters and five grandchildren.  Lou enjoys reading, crocheting, and writing children’s books.  She and David enjoyed traveling prior to the COVID outbreak including Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and Switzerland.  They look forward to more adventures.

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