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Maddie Hunter

Maddie Hunter

Multiple Myeloma Survivor and Leader of Philadelphia Support Group

Maddie Hunter was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in February 2001 at the age of 52.  She had been experiencing some morning nausea and weight loss during the previous six months and attributed both to a set of challenging life circumstances.  But when she fainted on the job and found herself in the emergency room, she knew something more significant was happening.  Maddie's early treatment consisted of an autologous stem cell transplant followed by drug protocols with each of her two relapses. She currently is on a maintenance regimen and is in remission.

Maddie’s serial remissions have enabled her to raise her son into adulthood, fall in love, build and then retire from a small consulting and leadership business, travel the world, welcome three grandchildren and lead a large support group. Myeloma has not deterred her from having a full life.  She believes it has opened her eyes to possibilities she wouldn’t have recognized without her myeloma diagnosis.  As Maddie says, "Myeloma has given me a life sentence”.  She continues to experience boundless hope for all those touched by myeloma and is grateful for the continued support she receives with each encounter.

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