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Michele Nadeem-Baker

Michele Nadeem-Baker

Patient Advocate

Michele Nadeem-Baker is a results-driven global communications and public affairs leader with senior-level corporate experience and is Patient Power’s PR advisor. She is also a person living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and was drawn to Patient Power because it has served as a resource for her. Joining the team mid-year in 2015, she brings an extensive background in communication strategies that encompass, among other ventures, various national and international health-related concerns where she has successfully taken a leading role. Michele has extensively represented the American Cancer Society and worked with organizations on medical conditions including various cancers and cardiovascular health—and now draws on her experience as a patient to represent Patient Power to the media and to the public. She received her BA in Economics and Speech Communications from Boston College and went on to earn her MS in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. Having personally intersected with the cancer community as a CLL patient, Michele has turned her considerable expertise toward helping others effectively navigate the world of treatments, education and coping skills.

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