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Michele Nadeem-Baker

Michele Nadeem-Baker

Host and Patient Advocate

Michele Nadeem-Baker has worked nationally as a broadcast journalist and globally as the chief of communications for well-known, publicly traded multi-billion-dollar corporations. Her chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) diagnosis changed her life but did not stop her. She was drawn to Patient Power for its credible, unmatched information. Joining the team in 2015 as Patient Power’s PR advisor, she brings an extensive background in communication strategies that encompass, among other ventures, various national and international health-related concerns where she has successfully taken a leading role. Michele has extensively represented the American Cancer Society and worked with organizations on medical conditions including various cancers and cardiovascular health—and now draws on her experience to represent Patient Power to the media, public and patients. Having personally intersected with the cancer community as a CLL patient, Michele has called upon her reporting background to help others effectively navigate the world of treatments, education and coping skills and become a known CLL influencer. Her video reports and program hosting are viewed on Her past journalism experience includes ABC (network), Boston’s NBC and CBS TV news stations.  Michele is an FDA Patient Representative, has authored several published articles on global communications topics, is a frequent national conference keynote speaker and a Boston Globe Magazine contributor. She is also a lead moderator for AnCan's Blood Cancer virtual support group. Michele's advocacy efforts were recognized when she was nominated as a WEGO Health Awards Patient Leader Finalist.

Michele is on a Phase II clinical trial and in remission. 

She is an FDA Patient Representative, spokesperson for a world leading cancer institute, a Regan-Udall Foundation certified Big Data For Patients Advocate, a HealtheVoices-19 recognized leading National Patient Influencer, WEGO Health Patient Leader, Society for Participatory Medicine.

She attended Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government for postgraduate work, earned an MS from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism and BA from Boston College in Communications and Economics

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