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Mike Skowronek

Mike Skowronek

Prostate Cancer Survivor, CanCare Volunteer

Mike Skowronek was a regular guy who went to his regularly scheduled annual physicals. When his primary care physician discovered elevated PSA levels, Mike was told to see a urologist. Turning to a longtime friend who had been diagnosed one year earlier with prostate cancer, Mike scheduled the appointment and started receiving immediate care. Choosing a more radical approach to his cancer, Mike elected to have a prostatectomy and was back to his normal life in less than two months. 

Having never had any symptoms of cancer prior to diagnosis, Mike attributes the successful outcome of his diagnosis to annual physicals, a healthy lifestyle, and his friend Bob who mentored him through prostate cancer survivorship.  Now Mike pays it forward by volunteering with CanCare, an organization he found accidentally while making good on a bet with his daughter.

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