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Mike Smith

Mike Smith

EGFR Patient Advocate

With over 31 years of experience in the financial services industry, Mike has held a variety of positions including compliance, broker dealer management, audit and training in several cities including 13 years in Charlotte, 3 years in Boston, 7 years in Jacksonville and 8 years in Atlanta. While employed for the past twenty one years at a leading global financial institution based in Charlotte, NC, Mike is currently responsible for escalating and remediating electronic communications compliance issues globally.

Mike earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Wofford College, is a registered principal with FINRA, married with three school age children and lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

After experiencing breathing spasms and tightness playing varsity high school football in Atlanta, Mike’s lung health journey began in 1982 as a result of exercised induced asthma diagnosis. As asthma rescue inhalers were no longer consistently controlling breathing and chest tightness in April 2016, Mike began experiencing some chest pain resulting in awakening in the middle of the night with what was thought to be a heart attack. After subsequent trips and changing Primary Care Physicians, a simple evaluation of medical history and chest x-ray resulted in identification of a mass in right lung, partially collapsed lung and stage IV lung cancer diagnosis. Mike has completed radiation treatments, Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) radiation, craniotomy to remove tumor causing brain edema and continues today solely on targeted oral therapy.

Active in community efforts, Mike is a member of the Knights of Columbus supporting Operation Hope (Camp for Kids with Cancer), local church and company sponsored volunteer fund raising activities. Post Mike’s lung cancer diagnosis, Mike is engaged in several cancer advocacy efforts and speaking engagements through Charlotte American Lung Association (Board Member), Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina (Survivor Committee and Raleigh Lunge Forward Walk), Charlotte Live Lung, Live Strong, Boehringer Ingelheim Patient Advisory Board, Lungevity, Wind River Cancer retreats, and Longevity, EGFR Resistors and South Carolina Cancer Alliance.

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