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Moira Quinn

Moira Quinn

Charlotte Television Personality and Businesswoman, Cancer Patient Advocate

Moira Quinn is a successful business woman in the media field.  Moira is also very active in community affairs, earning the distinction as one of Mecklenburg's 50 Most Influential Women, Media Professional of the Year, and a Community Service Award.  She has raised two successful children, is a grandmother, and has her own Powerful Pet, Kory, plus three grand puppies.  

Moira was diagnosed with stage II with triple-negative breast cancer in 2012.  Genetic testing indicated she was negative for the BRCA gene, and she underwent a lumpectomy plus chemo and radiation in 2012, being burned "to a total crisp" as she puts it.  Moira found strength and solace in her work, missing only 15 days in the space of a year from her various commitments.  As a survivor now, Moira focuses her energy as Committee Chair of the "Cure by Design" event for the ACS and is on the Survivor Advisory Committee for Susan G. Komen as well as the Advisory Board of Carolina Breast Friends. Further, she has helped found and organize the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Support Group, celebrating 100 members strong.

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