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Nancy Novack

Nancy Novack

Founder, Nancy's List

Nancy Novack, a psychologist from the Bay Area, California, was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer on April 29, 2004 that had metastasized to her liver, but her grateful attitude and passion for life endured. As Nancy embarked on her challenging treatment journey, she promised to make a difference in people’s lives who are affected by cancer; patients, caregivers and children. Nancy founded two inspiring non-profits called Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club, that seek to ensure that no one has to go through cancer alone, and offers hope and guidance by creating a sense of belonging to a community of others with shared challenges. Today, Nancy feels good, and is now happily married in Austin, Texas with her two dogs and African grey parrot. Nancy believes that cancer has been life-changing and generated her personal growth toward her life’s calling, connecting deeply with others in a positive way. She exemplifies this in her book titled I Am with You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients, an anthology of relatable experiences about the fear, anxiety, hope, courage and resilience of cancer patients. 

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