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Nancy Raimondi

Nancy Raimondi

Myeloma Patient and Advocate

Nancy Raimondi was diagnosed with smoldering myeloma in 2006 after her pre-op labs for a surgery came back. After nine years of “smoldering along” and being monitored, doctors found a plasmacytoma (type of abnormal plasma cell growth that is cancerous) on her clavicle and second rib. A BMB revealed that it contained 60% myeloma cells and required immediate treatment. After doing research, she decided she wanted to go to UAMS Myeloma Institute for care and began seeing Dr. Gareth Morgan. He performed genetic testing but the results weren’t back yet when he met with her for the initial appointment. But when the results came in, they showed she was high risk and that changed his treatment plan for her. She started a clinical trial in 2015 that combined five rounds of chemo and tandem autologous stem cell transplant. That put her in maintenance for two years. In the second year, she was put on daratumamab (Darzalex), which put her into remission. She was MRD-negative in December 2017. However, monitoring showed that as a result of the high-dose chemo she received for myeloma, she now had treatment related MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) and in September 2018, she went through a second stem cell transplant (this time with cells from a donor) and is now on photopheresis and chemo, and getting weaned off steroids. She firmly believes everyone should get genetic testing from a center of excellence to get a full look at their myeloma, because the results can directly impact their treatment plan.

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