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Nancy Stewart

Nancy Stewart

Patient Advocate

Nancy Stewart was diagnosed with MGUS in 2008. She was taken by surprise when results from blood work done as Petr-surgical testing came back with abnormal blood levels. Further testing confirmed the results and ended with the multiple myeloma diagnosis. She was in the “watch and wait” status of treatment until April 2009. A pathological fracture of her left arm led to the diagnosis of active Myeloma and the start of treatment.

Nancy responded to treatment with a novel agent and progressed to a stem cell transplant in 2010. During this time, she became active in the Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group. Nancy is on the Board of Directors of the PMMNG. She also is the program chair for the group arranging for the speakers each month.

Nancy is a retired physical therapist who specialized in treating people with cancer. So she already was an advocate for people with cancer learning all they could about their cancer. She also encouraged them to be active participants in the decisions for their care and treatment. Nancy took those lessons and applied them to herself when she was diagnosed. She speaks to patient groups, volunteers for the American Cancer Society and actively participates in online forums and social media groups for people with myeloma. 

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