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Nick Napolitano

Nick Napolitano

Patient Advocate

Nick Napolitano, from New York, was diagnosed by a local hematologist with polycythemia vera (PV) in 2016 at age 37 after a routine physical revealed elevated hematocrit and platelet counts. Upon diagnosis, he felt confused and anxious as the knowledge of his condition triggered both mental and emotional stress. The love and support from his wife, two young sons, father and brothers has helped Nick cope with his diagnosis.

Lifestyle changes, like committing to a no lectin diet and regular exercise routine, have also contributed to the determined and optimistic outlook Nick takes on his disease and symptom management. While Nick’s symptoms have subsided, and now only requires a baby aspirin, he still has worries about progression for the sake of his young family. Nick continues his professional life and has recently become more involved with the MPN community by attending conferences, participating in a documentary as well as following Patient Power and the MPN Research Foundation for staying informed about his condition. 

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