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Pam Griffith

Pam Griffith

Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor; Patient Advocate

A persistent cough and pneumonia drove Pam Griffith to see a pulmonologist in March of 2013. Within a month, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, had a lower right lobectomy, and had begun chemo and radiation. However, a misdiagnosed lesion on the back of her head along with severe shoulder pain eventually revealed that the cancer had metastasized. Thanks to some quick networking by her caregiver husband Randy, the once vibrant Pam became a patient of Dr. Scott Antonia. Struggling to get from the car to the doctor’s office, Pam had little hope left, yet successfully worked for acceptance into a nivolumab (BMS) (Opdivo®) trial. That trial is still ongoing, and Pam is currently considered to be in remission.

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