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Paul M. Barr, MD

Paul M. Barr, MD

Director of the Clinical Trials Office, University of Rochester Wilmot Cancer Center

As the Director of the Clinical Trials Office for Wilmot Cancer Institute, Dr. Paul Barr oversees our state-of-the-art clinical trials while also educating his patients about their disease so they are as informed as possible. This enables his patients to participate in the process of making the best treatment decisions.

Individual patients drew him into the field of hematology/oncology. Dr. Barr is driven by the desire to develop better, less toxic treatments for our lymphoma and leukemia patients. He also has an amazing team working with me that is focused on communicating with and educating our patients, helping them in every aspect of their lives.

If he were to recommend one thing to patients, it would be to ask about clinical trials. While a clinical trial may not be appropriate in every circumstance, all patients should learn about these important options.

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