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Paul Rabuck

Paul Rabuck

Patient Advocate

Paul was born in Port Arthur, Texas and has lived most of his life in Texas and Louisiana. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M and is retired Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. Paul is married to Shirley and they have 3 sons, all Eagle Scouts like their dad. Paul has 9 grandchildren ranging in age from 21 years to 7 months.

Paul's cancer experience started in 1997 when he was transferred to Shantou, China which is located about 600 miles north of Hong Kong. While his back was hurting, the pre-transfer physical did not indicate a problem. Six months later, Paul was having severe pain, even walking with a cane. When he went to the hospital in Hong Kong, he was told it would be 9 days before the doctors returned from the Chinese New Years Holiday. The MRI showed that L-4 was completely eaten away by a tumor so the next day Paul and his wife boarded a flight to Houston, Texas to head to MD Anderson Cancer Center where they found multiple cracked/collapsed vertebrae, lesions on his skull and long bones and a missing L-4. Paul was diagnosed with myeloma. They did a vertebrectomy, which gave him a new L-4 with a strap from L-3 to L-5. Six months later, Paul participated in a clinical trial where they mixed calcium with a radioactive material called Holmium and saline solution, which at a later date was considered too risky. In 2003, Paul participated in another clinical trial for an oral chemo, Revlimid. Paul is currently on Revlimid, Lovenox and Dexamethasone. Paul contributes his treatment success to prayer, a positive attitude and the capable hands of his doctors.

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